Okefenokee Adventures

Guided Tours

Okefenokee Adventures

Folkston, Georgia

Guided Interpretive Tours

Tour routes may vary with water levels, weather, and wildlife activity. Every tour is different as each guide brings his or her own perspective to your swamp experience. Our staff includes well-known authorities on alligator biology, wetland ecology, and Okefenokee cultural history. Many of our guides have family roots in the Okefenokee. They were born and raised here, and have been exploring the Okefenokee for years.

We are the most experienced team of professional guides working in the Okefenokee today and we are here because we love the swamp. Let us share it with you!

**Tours may book up quickly so we strongly recommend you book in advance as we can’t guarantee there will be any tours available otherwise.

90 Minute Boat Tours

$35 Adults (ages 12 & up)
$30 Children (ages 4-11)
25% discount Local Okefenokee RESA County Residents
(must have current license showing residency)
FREE Infants (under the age of 4)

Advance reservations are highly recommended.

For group discounted rates, please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

Boat Tour
Visitors enjoy the opportunity to learn about the Okefenokee on our tours aboard our 24 ft. Carolina Skiffs. These are flat-bottomed boats with ample seating and canopies overhead. They are comfortable, very stable and very safe!

Our 90 minute Tours run throughout our business day and can be scheduled by booking a reservation online.

You will travel along the historic Suwannee Canal through a tangled forest of bay, cypress, pine and shrubs, then out into the open expanse of Chesser Prairie. Our guides will share their knowledge of the swamp’s cultural and natural history, tell interesting swamp stories and identify plants and wildlife along the way.

We frequently encounter egrets, herons, ibis, sandhill cranes, red-shouldered hawks, and American alligators, as well as otters in the winter and wood storks in the summer and fall. Sometimes we spot deer or raccoons, or, when we are really lucky, a bobcat or a bear. Wildlife activity varies with water levels, season, time of day and reasons known only to the wildlife. The swamp scenery is always spectacular.

Come to the Okefenokee Adventures building before exploring other areas of the refuge. if you have to wait for the tour, you can see the film and exhibits at the Visitor Center, drive the wildlife drive or have lunch in our café while you wait.

Please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

Sunset Prairie Tours

$50 Adults (ages 12 & up)
$40 Children (ages 4-11)
FREE Infants (under the age of 4)

Advance reservations are required.
If your desired date is not available, please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org to see if arrangements can be made.

Ask about group discounted rates.

As the Refuge’s public use partner, we are able to offer you the opportunity to experience the swamp late in the evening after the Refuge waterways are otherwise closed to visitor traffic. We travel into the swamp and out into an Okefenokee prairie sunset. On a full moon evening, we’ll watch the sun set as the moon rises. We always watch for wildlife.

In the approaching dusk and we return to the Okefenokee Adventures’ landing with stars overhead and the red shine of alligator eyes twinkling in the dark. These tours begin about an hour before sunset and last around 2 hours.  BRING A FLASHLIGHT if you want to shine the red glow of gator eyes.

Advance reservations are required for sunset tours. They can run on just about any night but we frequently schedule them on weekend nights near the full moon. We can usually accommodate walk-in participants but advance reservations are required to guarantee the trip.

Please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

During the peak summer months (usually mid May-thru July) we do not offer sunset tours due to the severity of biting yellow flies during the late afternoon/early evening hours.

Extended Excursions by canoe, kayak or motorboat

$300 For one person only
$175 Per person for 2 to 3 adults
$150 Per person for 4 or more adults
+$75 Addtional per person for Private Tours

Advance reservations are required.
Please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

Ask about group discounted rates

Joy showing guest plant

Plenty of time to stop and smell the bladderwort

This 4 hour tour by canoe, kayak or motorized boat is for anyone who wants a more in-depth Okefenokee experience – both literally and figuratively – Okefenokee Adventures can accommodate you with advance arrangements. Join one of our experienced Okefenokee wilderness guides for an extended excursion deeper into the  swamp.

These tours are especially suited for birders, photographers and naturalists. Extended tours offer plenty of time to soak in the scenery and relax while exploring the swamp’s beauty.  The time the tour begins will be determined at the time the reservation is made.  Some folks like early morning, some folks want to start in the late afternoon in order to catch the sunset on the way back, and others like to start somewhere in between.

Water and snacks will be included. Lunch can be purchased in our Camp Cornelia Cafe’ to be packed up to bring along.

Multi-Day/Overnight Wilderness Excursions

1 Person: 2+ Person: Ages 1-9
1 night / 2 day: $700 $400 pp $300
2 night / 3 day: $910 $500 pp $375
3 night / 4 day: $1,100 $600 pp $450
4 night / 5 day: $1,300 $700 pp $525

Advance reservations are required.
Please call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

  • To close an overnighter to others, there must be a minimum of 8 in the group.
  • To close an overnighter to others for a group of less than 8, there’s an extra charge depending on how many in the group and the time of year the trip is set to go out.
  • With a minimum of 12 in any one group, we’ll discount 10%.
  • Cost includes gear, food (real good and plenty of it!) and the expertise of a naturalist guide.
  • There is a separate charge for the refuge permit fee ($15 per person per night + $10 service fee) & shuttle service if needed
  • Add 8% sales tax for all pricing. All prices subject to change without notice.
Kayak Tours

Permits can be obtained 2 months in advance so a minimum of 2 months plus a week or more advance notice is optimal for obtaining the best paddling permit. It’s never too soon to give us a call!

Okefenokee Adventures offers guided and fully outfitted overnight wilderness trips into the swamp lasting from one to four nights. For a lasting  life experience in one of the world’s great wetland wildernesses, this is the ultimate Okefenokee adventure. Permits are required by the  Refuge and all trips are subject to trail availability and water levels.

The one-night trips are great for novice canoeists, families with kids or those with limited schedules. The two-night trips sometimes begin on the east side and end on the west side of the swamp at Stephen C. Foster State Park in Fargo. We highly recommend the 2-night, 3-day excursions as they offer the most diversity in ecological habitat and wildlife observation. Depending on trail availability we’d cover anywhere from 5 to 12 miles in a day totaling 25-30 miles of paddling over three days through evergreen shrub boglands, pine, wet prairies and loblolly bay and cypress forest.  We may camp on a wooden platform or on an island depending on the trail. The platforms are partially covered and all sites have enclosed porta-potty’s.

Only our most experienced naturalists lead these trips.  Along the way, they’ll talk about the cultural and natural history of the swamp and surrounding area, identify wildlife and plants and trees of interest, tell interesting  swamp tales and offer moments of silence in  order to hear the sounds of the swamp.

Cost includes gear, food (really good and plenty of it!) and the expertise of an interpretive naturalist. There is a separate charge for the refuge’s permit fee and additional charges for shuttle service if needed.

Trails can be reserved up to two months to the day of the trip. So, for example, if you wanted to begin the trip April 15, we can call for the reservation on but no earlier than February 15. During certain times of the year the trails may book up on the two month day. For the best chance of us obtaining a permit for your requested dates, we recommend you contact us at least 2 months plus a couple of weeks in advance. 

Once a permit is obtained, the trip will be advertised so that others may join. We keep the group size small to maximize the experience.  Private trips may be requested for additional fees. The cost will be determined depending on how many are in the group and the time of year. This request must be made during your initial contact with us.

The swamp is always beautiful but different seasons have different highlights. Fall is a great time because the bugs are few, the weather is fantastic and fall flowers offer lots of color. Winter brings in the migratory sandhill cranes and, if you’ve never heard the sound of dozens of cranes honking away at the same time, it’s quite impressive. The migratory cranes are here late November through early February. Winter can also be a good time to see the cranes and other wading birds. The temperatures are usually mild but we do have the occasional cold spell. Spring is beautiful but, because there is the highest demand for permits in March and April so reserving trails may be difficult but not impossible. We avoid the summer months – beginning mid-May through August – the heat and biting flies can make for a miserable experience.

East / West Excursions

$325 Per person for 2 or more people
$650 For one person only

Above cost includes all paddling gear, shuttle between locations, snacks and lunch.

There is an additional charge if a motorized boat is used at the West entrance.

Advance reservations are required for all extended excursions.
To reserve, call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org

Ask about group discounted rates

An Okefenokee East/West Excursion is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the absolute beauty and diversity of the swamp. From lily filled prairies to moss draped cypress forests, this tour is a one of a kind, educational, fun and memorable way to enjoy the swamp. We’ll spend about 4 hours on the water each day exploring this vast wilderness. Each day will look completely different – you’ll feel like you’re in two different swamps. Whether touring by motorized boat or paddle craft, the waterways are easy to navigate leaving plenty of time to relax, kick back, and soak up the scenery.

Custom Tours

Special interests and special needs may require special arrangements. We are happy to customize an Okefenokee adventure whether it be a moonlight paddle or an overnight adventure. We’re always willing to hear new ideas and suggestions.

Call (912) 496-7156 or email levi.welling@okeswamp.org to ask us about your custom tour.